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I am not sure if “I think, therefore I program” or “I program, therefore I am”.

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Another adventure to the other side of the Channel!

This is the fourth time that I across the Channel. It happened by plain and even once by train. However, what I am going to do is writing a little tale about my last adventure in the UK. 

CH1: Nottingham
It was Friday 8th of August 2014 when I landed to East Midlands Airport, apparently in the middle of nowhere. Well, it is the nearest airport to Nottingham and that is the place where I’m going to stay for the first week, more or less. At the same time that I got off the plane I just looked up to the sky and I shouted “WTH?! It’s raining!”. What would you expect from a country that is also famous for its rainy weather?
Then, I went to take the bus to Nottingham when I saw how other Italians deal with an unknown language (English in that case), by means of gestures. We are famous for them. 
I arrived at the city center of Nottingham where I met Beppe. Well, I could refer to him as a friend but he is more than that (it would take lots of pages to describe our friendship). We went soon at his house were we handled house things.

An article by Daniel McNeil. FACE 

Relationships of the SI derived units with special names and symbols and the SI base units


“Give a man a mask and he’ll tell you the truth.”
— Oscar Wilde




17 Equations That Changed The World

I would argue that they merely described the world, rather than changed it, but still cool.

I would argue that the very act of describing the world in the way mathematics did, subsequently changed the world. It’s not like mathematicians did math locked away in room forever, all these equations had real world consequences. To say equations are just descriptions or some how insinuate they haven’t changed the world is oversimplifying things. The title is pretty fitting.


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